Hire Professional Sitecore Developers

The Sitecore team at SaM Solutions provides professional Sitecore development, consulting, integration, testing, upgrade, and more related services. We offer cooperation under various models, including staff augmentation and dedicated team.

4 Reasons to Hire Sitecore Developers from SaM Solutions

Sitecore certified developers and a four-time Sitecore MVP on board

Skilled use of the key tools including Sitecore JSS, SXA, CLI, and Connect

Hands-on expertise in multiple versions of DXP and SaaS Sitecore solutions

Rich experience with MACH, Jamstack, and other tech trends Sitecore supports

Services Our Sitecore Developers Offer

Sitecore Consulting

Have our Sitecore consultants audit your existing solution or help you create a detailed plan for a future Sitecore project.

Sitecore Development

Hire our team of dedicated professionals for fast, quality, and affordable Sitecore Commerce or Sitecore CMS development.

QA and Testing

Rely on SaM Solutions QA experts to get a fully tested Sitecore solution with flawless UX and resilience to traffic spikes.

Sitecore Integration

Leverage our developers’ skills to integrate your Sitecore solution with other IT systems that you already use.

Sitecore Upgrade and Migration

Enjoy more features and higher performance by upgrading your solution to a newer Sitecore version (9.x-10.x) or migrating to other products offered by Sitecore.

Support and Maintenance

Entrust continuous performance optimization, security monitoring, and timely resolution of user issues to our prompt and proactive Sitecore team.

Tap the Best Skills into Your Sitecore Project
Partner with SaM Solutions to get access to a rich pool of seasoned and talented Sitecore experts, who will ensure your project’s success.

Our Sitecore Platform and Technology Expertise

Digital Experience Platforms (On-prem)
Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) – 6-10.x, Sitecore Experience Manager (XM)
Sitecore Content Cloud
Sitecore XM Cloud, Content Hub (DAM, ONE, Operations), Sitecore Search
Sitecore Engagement and Commerce Cloud
Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP), Sitecore OrderCloud, Sitecore Discover, Sitecore Send, Sitecore Personalization and CDP
MS Visual Studio, Rider, GitHub, Sitecore CLI, SXA CLI, JSS CLI, Team Development for Sitecore (TDS), Unicorn for Sitecore
Sitecore Integration Technologies
Connect API, Web API, GraphQL, Custom APIs
Deployment Modes
SaaS, Microsoft Azure DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes (K8s), On-premises

Our Sitecore Developers

Junior Sitecore Developer
Possesses foundational knowledge of Sitecore and is proficient in Sitecore development basics.
Capable of implementing simple features and modules.
Can work on complex projects with guidance and supervision from senior experts.
Middle Sitecore Developer
Skilled in implementing advanced features, customization, and integrations.
Capable of handling medium-sized projects independently and as part of a team.
Has a good understanding of Sitecore best practices and can provide technical guidance to junior developers.
Senior Sitecore Developer
Has extensive expertise in Sitecore development and architecture.
Highly skilled in advanced Sitecore functionalities, custom module development, and enterprise-level integrations.
Fully proficient in optimizing Sitecore performance and ensuring solution scalability.
Can provide technical leadership, perform code reviews, and mentor junior and middle developers.
Lead Sitecore Developer
Expert in Sitecore development with a deep understanding of the platform and architecture.
Highly experienced in architecting complex Sitecore implementations while ensuring best practices and high-quality deliverables.
Leads Sitecore development teams in making strategic decisions and providing technical guidance.
Drives successful project delivery while meeting all client’s goals.
Sitecore Architect/Consultant
Possesses extensive knowledge and experience in designing enterprise-level Sitecore solutions.
Excels in analyzing business requirements and creating architectural strategies.
Provides expert guidance on solution design, scalability, performance optimization and other quality attributes.
Oversees the implementation of Sitecore projects, ensuring alignment with industry standards and best practices.

SaM Solutions as a Sitecore Development Company

  • 10
    Years of Experience
  • 34
    Sitecore Engineers
  • 6-10
    Sitecore Version Support
  • 10
    Sitecore Certified Developers

Hiring Process

Here’s how to hire a dedicated Sitecore resource from SaM Solutions, step by step:


Initial request

As soon as you reach out to us, our representatives schedule a call or discuss your Sitecore needs via email.


CV screening

After understanding your needs, we will choose the most fitting candidates from our pool and share their CVs with you.



Once you screen the CVs and choose the Sitecore talent you’re interested in hiring, we will provide information on their availability and schedule interview calls.



When you decide who you want to hire, we sign a cooperation agreement.

Hiring Models

Get in touch

Staff Augmentation

Our Sitecore developer or developers temporarily join your or your vendor’s team and work as part of it for as long as you need.

Dedicated Team

We build a team specifically for your Sitecore project and have it work on your tasks in collaboration with your BA, QA, DevOps, PMs or POs.

Full Outsourcing

SaM Solutions takes full responsibility for delivering your Sitecore project, from start to finish.

Technology Partnerships

Contact Us

Dmitry Koshkin
Dmitry Koshkin
Managing Director, SaM Solutions USA
With over 30 years in the IT industry, SaM Solutions designs and builds robust custom and platform-based software to ensure our clients' success.

Fill out the form, send us an email or call our US office directly at (857) 777-6073 and SaM Solutions representative will contact you.


How can startups choose a Sitecore development company?
Look for Sitecore development companies that have experience working with startups and have a track record of delivering successful projects. Pay attention to the companies with certified Sitecore CMS developers and those who have experience working on projects similar to yours.
What are some of the best Sitecore features?
Some of the best Sitecore DXP features for clients are deep analytics, rich personalization capabilities, marketing automation, and digital asset management. For any developer, Sitecore’s top features include composable architecture, a headless and API-first approach, as well as Jamstack compatibility.
How much does Sitecore cost?
The Sitecore license cost can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the number of websites or applications you need, the level of customization required, the number of users, and the level of support you need. You can read more about it in our article on Sitecore pricing. To get an accurate estimate of Sitecore CMS price, contact a company providing Sitecore development services. At SaM Solutions, we will gladly suggest possible cost optimization strategies – for instance, the use of open-source tools to work with Sitecore for developers.