Sitecore DevOps Services

SaM Solutions provides professional Sitecore DevOps service for websites of any scale and type. Supervised and trained by a four-time Sitecore MVP in Technology, our team effectively configures cloud infrastructures, automates build, testing, and deployment processes, and achieves faster time-to-market.

Our Sitecore DevOps Services

Sitecore DevOps Consulting

Hire our DevOps Sitecore team to receive professional guidance in setting up or optimizing your existing DevOps with the latest tech, including Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, GitLab, Bitbucket, and AWS DevOps.

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

Rely on SaM Solutions to move your infrastructure to the cloud (most frequently, Azure) and have the cloud infrastructure configured for the development, testing, and deployment of your Sitecore solution.

CI/CD Implementation

Have our Sitecore engineers set up CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, GitLab, Bitbucket, TeamCity, or Octopus to automate the building and deployment of your Sitecore-powered websites.

Infrastructure as Code Implementation

Reduce the risks of configuration drift and human error and have SaM Solutions optimize your Sitecore infrastructure with GitOps, Kubernetes, Docker, Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE), and other tools.

Automation and Orchestration

Boost efficiency by introducing workload orchestration via Kubernetes (coupled with our Kubernetes-based internal developer platform (IDP) solution, RollingStack) and streamline collaboration via item serialization and source control tools such as Sitecore CLI, TDS, or Unicorn for Sitecore.

Data Backup, Security, and Monitoring

Adhere to the latest Sitecore security standards by having our team introduce secure authentication and access control, ensure encryption and data backup, set up monitoring tools, and resolve detected vulnerabilities in your Sitecore infrastructure via patches and hotfixes.

Roll Out Your Sitecore Updates Faster with DevOps
By setting up robust DevOps practices, SaM Solutions helps facilitate developer collaboration and speed up build, testing, and deployment processes.

SaM Solutions as a Sitecore Service Provider

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    Years of Experience
  • 34
    Sitecore Engineers
  • 6-10
    Sitecore Version Support
  • 10
    Certified Sitecore Developers

Our Sitecore DevOps Services Process


Assessment and plan

Our team assesses your Sitecore implementation by reviewing current development processes, identifying pain points, and gathering feedback. Then, we define the key goals of the future DevOps approach, keeping them in line with your business objectives.


DevOps team formation

SaM Solutions establishes a dedicated DevOps team that includes Sitecore developers, operations staff, QA engineers, and other experts involved in the development process.


DevOps approach implementation

We use a wide choice of technologies to automate and streamline your Sitecore development process, including integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines as well as containerization, automation, and configuration management tools.


Monitoring and improvement

To make sure that your Sitecore DevOps approach is always efficient, we set up application performance monitoring software and continuously refine the DevOps process by making adjustments based on performance data and feedback.

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