Sitecore Upgrade Services

SaM Solutions’ experienced Sitecore development team led by a four-time Sitecore MVP will make upgrading to the latest version as fast and effortless for you as possible.


Benefits of a Sitecore Upgrade

Better Performance

Newer Sitecore versions have updates and optimizations that enhance your website’s performance and speed.

Improved User Experience

Sitecore continuously improves the UI and UX of its CMS with each new Sitecore version.

Enhanced Security

With a newer Sitecore release, your website is safe from potential attacks thanks to built-in vulnerability patches.

Higher Scalability

Each new Sitecore release can be optimized to handle more traffic and operations.

New Features

A newer version of Sitecore will let you take advantage of new powerful features.

Technical Debt

Upgraded Sitecore minimizes technical debt thanks to the use of the best tech practices.

Continuous Support

As older Sitecore versions become obsolete, an upgrade will ensure that your website continues to get official Sitecore support.

Third Party Integrations

With an upgraded Sitecore, you keep all your third party integrations and tools up-to-date.

Stand Out

Be the first among your competition to benefit from the latest technologies, modules, and solutions for Sitecore.

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Upgrade Your Sitecore to the Latest XP 10.x Version or XM Cloud

Why Upgrade to Sitecore 10.x Experience Platform (XP)?

By running a website on earlier Sitecore versions, you run the risk of hitting the sustaining, extended, and – most likely – mainstream support time limits. Non-supported versions are prone to security breaches that jeopardize your entire business.

Besides, if you use Sitecore 9 or earlier versions, you’re missing out on the many new and improved powerful features of Sitecore 10, such as:

Out-of-the-box Containerization

Rely on the containerization approach to accelerate website performance, ensure compatibility with all browsers and devices, and speed up delivery of updates.

Headless and JSS Support

Create one back-end with data and develop multiple front-end applications using built-in Jamstack SDKs. Deliver cross-platform, fast, and easy-to-manage digital experiences.

More personalization in Email Experience Manager

Save time on designing your emails by using trendy, fully customizable templates and step up the personalization of your campaigns with even more automation rules.

Segmentation in Experience Analytics

Categorize your audience by segments and gain a better understanding of how customers interact with your website to boost the efficiency of your digital marketing efforts.

Smarter AI Algorithms

Make tailored customer experiences faster by using predictive analytics and automated personalization based on built-in AI/ML algorithms.

Enhanced ‘Horizon’ Editor

Enjoy a more intuitive interface, use keyboard shortcuts for faster work, easily place page anchors, and edit any field (including drop-down menus and checklists).

More Secure Sitecore Identity

Entrust the integrity of your website customer data to the highly secure user authentication module of Sitecore Identity server.

Sitecore CLI

Provide your development team with the newly introduced Sitecore CLI to simplify content serialization and speed up deployment.
Why Upgrade to Sitecore XM Cloud?

You can upgrade Sitecore Experience Manager on-premises to XM Cloud to enjoy SaaS scalability, forget about issues with updates, and reduce hosting and infrastructure costs. Other features you can leverage in XM Cloud are:

New ‘Pages’ Editor

Leverage a new powerful WYSIWYG editing tool that builds on the success of Horizon and offers an even easier, drag-and-drop editing experience.

Cloud Portal

Facilitate team collaboration with Cloud Portal – a single control center for accessing all Sitecore XM apps and documentation.

Front End with Jamstack

Break free from the limitations of the XM proprietary framework – and use Jamstack’s flexibility for development to build fast and eye-catching client apps.

GitOps and Automated Deployment

Use the GitOps approach and reliable Git repositories to increase process transparency and reduce dependency on DevOps engineers.
Sitecore XP vs Sitecore XM Cloud

Sitecore XM Cloud retains the Sitecore CMS functionality of XP while omitting some of XP’s advanced, analytics-related features.

Can’t decide whether you should switch over from one Sitecore option to another? Take a look at the table below or reach out to us to discuss the pros and cons of XP and XM Cloud for your business

Sitecore Features Sitecore XP 10.xSitecore XM Cloud
GitOps Support-+
Cloud Portal-+
Pages Editor-+
Horizon Editor+-
Headless Services, JSS, and Jamstack SDK++
Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)++
Sitecore Forms++
Sitecore Identity+-
Sitecore Device Detection++
Sitecore Predictive Personalization++
Analytics (Experience Analytics, Path Analyzer, Experience Optimization)+-
Sitecore Universal Tracker and xConnect+-
Marketing Automation Features++
Integration with Salesforce and Dynamics CRM and etc.++
How Long a Sitecore Upgrade Takes?

The duration of the upgrade often depends on the size of your website, its infrastructure, and Sitecore Experience Database. In SaM Solutions’ experience, an upgrade from Sitecore 6.x, 7.x, 8.x or 9.x to the latest 10.x version doesn’t take more than 2 months, but additional integrations and customizations can require a few more weeks.

Upgrade Your Sitecore Version with SaM Solutions
Our team is ready to make upgrading fast and effortless for you while ensuring business continuity throughout the process.

What is the Sitecore Upgrade Process Like with SaM Solutions

A 6 Step

  1. Reach out to us and schedule the first conversation
  2. Solution analysis and Sitecore platform upgrade plan
  3. Infrastructure preparation and technical upgrade
  4. Testing, code updates, and refactoring
  5. Acceptance testing and Go-live planning
  6. Production upgrade and Go-live support
Sitecore Technical Audit: Take Your Solution to the Next Level
Delivering Sitecore development since 2012, our team is ready to perform a comprehensive analysis and optimization of your Sitecore solution.


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