Commercial Real Estate Sitecore-Based Web Portal for The Instant Group

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The commercial real estate business landscape has been evolving at a record pace, and the need to create an agile website solution to accommodate these rapid changes has been in high demand. The Instant Group recognized that the capabilities of their current flagship website were limiting. There was a need to enhance the website so that it ccould constantly adjust to these emerging demands. Although the Instant Group realized that the potential functionality existed within their current solution (Sitecore CMS), they were still challenged to find a reliable partner with the experience and knowledge to fine-tune a fast web-based solution. This Sitecore case study provides an overview of how we developed and optimized their upgraded Sitecore deployment.

Founded in 1999, The Instant Group is a workspace innovation company that rethinks workspace on behalf of its clients injecting flexibility, reducing cost and driving enterprise performance.
“We chose SaM Solutions as a long-term development & support partner for Instant to buy into technical excellence coupled with assured solution delivery experience. Their size and technology experience aligns well with our technology portfolio and has significantly raised our technical capability. We have been working with SaM Solutions for 2 years now and one of their main areas is to support and complete the roadmap product development for our Sitecore product. The team has done an excellent job and we are very pleased with the outcome. They are very knowledgeable, capable and have a great attitude.”

SaM Solutions


The Instant Group chose SaM Solutions as its digital partner because of our extensive experience in Sitecore. The SaM Solutions’ Sitecore team was able to provide a comprehensive service package that included the analysis of the current IT landscape, implementation of a proven strategy, and ongoing global support. To ensure process efficiency, our Sitecore team opted for an Agile development framework due to its enhanced feature capabilities, future roadmap options, and 24/7 support services.

Based on the results of initial solution evaluation, the SaM Solutions Sitecore team implemented the following activities:

  • Code refactoring and performance optimization
  • Sitecore performance tuning and caches optimization
  • Indexes optimization
  • ReactJS integration
  • Maps API optimization
  • Image service integration
  • Database backup/restore process configuration
  • Cloudflare configuration
  • JMeter setup to find slow running pages
  • CI/CD process improvement


Languages and Frameworks
ASP.NET MVC, React, jQueryTools, Webpack
Sitecore Technologies
Sitecore 7.5, Sitecore 8.2, Sitecore Experience Platform
Dev, Build & Automation
TDS, Glass.Mapper, Git, TeamCity
Project Management
Deploy Mode


The collaboration between The Instant Group and SaM Solutions allowed the customer to optimize their website performance with a loading speed increase of 2.6x. That was achieved by fixing server and infrastructure limitations, established an efficient development/support procedure, real-time monitoring, and quality control. This Sitecore case study displays the result: an updated website solution with incredibly agile functionality, enhanced performance, and a solid foundation for future business growth.

Most importantly, the successful project evolved into a long-term partnership – and The Instant Group remains our strategic customer.

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