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What is eCommerce customer experience?
The customer experience (CX) term in eCommerce covers all types of interactions with your online brand as perceived by your customers. For example, the first impression people get when learning about your company, the performance of your website or mobile app, payment and delivery options, personalized recommendations, the quality of products or services, customer support, etc.
How to improve your eCommerce customer experience?
The best way for eCommerce businesses to improve customer experience is to make it personalized. Create personalized recommendations based on the history of interactions, pitch relevant products to complement their shopping preferences. or offer personal discounts to inspire the purchase.
How to increase eCommerce sales?
There are numerous methods you can use to boost your eCommerce sales. For example, improve the website’s performance, offer a convenient and user-friendly mobile experience, offer various payment options, implement a chatbot, leverage social media for promotion, etc.
Why is customer experience so important for eCommerce?
Customers are the key growth factor for your business. Without loyal customers, sellers have no power to stay afloat. By providing an impeccable customer experience, you build a loyal audience and retain more clients, thus ensuring sustained development and gaining a competitive advantage for your brand.