Firmware and Embedded Software

Our Expertise in firmware programming makes it easy for our teams to streamline your projects. SaM Solutions is focused on all you needs including fixing existing bugs, adding features to a device, or starting a new project.

What We Do

Experienced Specialists

SaM Solutions embedded systems division has strong teams of seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience in firmware and embedded software development, as well as profound practical knowledge of a wide range of domains.

Beyond Firmware Solutions

In addition to being experienced firmware professionals, we have an extensive background in IoT, mobile, enterprise CMS platforms, and modern front-end/backend technologies. SaM Solutions can respond to your needs to create custom solutions.

Professional Partners

Since our birth in 1993, SaM Solutions has grown to over 800+ global employees that serve many enterprise customers. It’s this dedication and hard work that has allowed us to excel at customer satisfaction and optimized delivery processes.

Sustainable Team Growth

SaM Solutions has strategically aligned with local universities and organizations to help grow new and seasoned developers. Our dedication to new and emerging talent showcases our commitment for a strong future.

Your Trusted Strategic Partner

SaM Solutions prides itself on its high customer retention rate. Some of our US customers have already been with SaM Solutions for over 13 years. Our focus is to continue to create lifelong customers.

Global teams for better prices

With a US operations presence since 2004, SaM Solutions manages projects domestically while overseeing global remote teams. This creates a clear communication workflow and availability during critical times, leveraging lower costs for teams located in Eastern Europe.
Years of Experience
Firmware / Embedded Engineers
Hardware Engineers
Completed Projects

Our Embedded Software
Development Services

  • Porting of kernels, bootloaders and Board Support Package adaptation and extension
  • Databases, including small footprint databases
  • Cross-architecture migration, e.g. from RTOS’s to embedded Linux environment
  • Porting of Android to new architectures and platforms
  • Manual and automated testing on all software development phases: module, integration, system and acceptance tests
  • Mobile applications development to control remote devices on iOS and Android
  • Development of device drivers


Network Equipment and Data Storage
Scientific Equipment
POS Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Healthcare and Medical Equipment
Development Boards and Kits


Programming Languages
C/C++; Bash; Perl; Python; Ruby; Tcl/Tk; Java
Software Platforms
Linux; BSD; Solaris; macOS; Windows; Android; iOS
Graphic User Interface
QT; GTK+; Winforms; SWING; Cocoa, Sencha, jQuery; GWT
Hardware Platforms
x86 (x86_64); ARM (v5/v6/v7/…); AVR; MIPS; FPGA
Build & Automation
GCC; Make, CMake; Rake/Ant/Maven; Pbuilder; Buildroot; PTXdist; Yocto Project
Linux/BSD Kernel; BSP creation/ adaptation; Kernel modules creation/porting; Upstream patches
Packages & Installation
Deb; RPM; APK; MSI; Custom
PostgreSQL; MS SQL; SQLite; H2

Technology Partnerships