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Our Expertise in firmware programming and development makes it easy for our teams to streamline your projects. We have 30+ years of experience in developing both firmware and software solutions for embedded systems.

What We Do

Embedded Specialists

SaM Solutions’ embedded development division has strong teams of seasoned professionals with decades of combined hands-on experience in both firmware and embedded software development.

Beyond Firmware Solutions

In addition to being experienced firmware professionals, we have an extensive background in IoT, mobile, enterprise CMS platforms, and modern front-end/bac-kend technologies. SaM Solutions has the experience, know-how, and resources to create highly customized solutions for your business.

Your Embedded Development Partner

SaM Solutions was formed in 1993, and has since grown to over 800 global employees, serving both mid-sized businesses and enterprise organizations. We have locations across Europe, as well as our US office located in the greater Boston metro area.

Sustainability & Growth

We’ve built strategic partnerships with local universities and organizations to help nurture new and seasoned developers. We’re committed to a strong future, and our dedication to new and emerging talent showcases this.

Your Trusted Embedded Development Partner

SaM Solutions prides itself on our high customer retention rate. Some of our US customers have been with SaM Solutions for 13+ years. We love building strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Leverage Our Global Presence

SaM Solutions has been operating in the US since 2004. The US office manages domestic embedded development projects while overseeing our teams located across our locations in Europe. Our global presence provides a clear communication workflow and availability during critical times.
Years of Experience
Firmware / Embedded Engineers
Hardware Engineers
Completed Projects

Our Embedded Development Services

  • Porting of kernels, bootloaders and Board Support Package adaptation and extension
  • Databases, including small footprint databases
  • Cross-architecture migration, e.g. from RTOS’s to embedded Linux environment
  • Porting of Android to new architectures and platforms
  • Manual and automated testing on all software development phases: module, integration, system and acceptance tests
  • Mobile applications development to control remote devices on iOS and Android
  • Development of device drivers
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Network Equipment and Data Storage
Scientific Equipment
POS Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Healthcare and Medical Equipment
Development Boards and Kits

Technology Partnerships


Programming Languages
C/C++, BASH, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl/Tk, Java
Software Platforms
Linux, BSD, Solaris, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS
Graphic User Interface
Qt, GTK+, Winforms, Swing, Cocoa, Sencha, jQuery, GWT
Hardware Platforms
x86 (x86_64), ARM (v5/v6/v7/…), AVR, MIPS, FPGA
Build & Automation
GCC, Make, CMake, Rake, Ant, Maven, Pbuilder, Buildroot, PTXdist, Yocto Project
Linux, BSD Kernel, BSP creation/ adaptation, Kernel modules creation/porting, Upstream patches
Packages & Installation
Deb, RPM, APK, MSI, Custom
PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQLite, H2

Our Teams Are Here to Help

Dmitry Koshkin
Dmitry Koshkin
Managing Director, SaM Solutions USA
With over 30 years in the IT industry, SaM Solutions designs and builds robust custom and platform-based software to ensure our clients' success.

Fill out the form, send us an email or call our US office directly at (857) 777-6073 and SaM Solutions representative will contact you.


What is embedded firmware development?
Firmware is a specific type of software running on a chip installed in a hardware device, which is called an embedded system. Embedded firmware development is the creation of such specific software programs for a particular device.
What tools do you use to develop firmware?
There is a wide range of tools we can use to develop firmware. Generally, we need an assembler, an emulator, a debugger, and a compiler. For each project, we select the most appropriate options depending on requirements, goals, and other conditions.
What is your usual approach to firmware development?
We adhere to the customer-oriented approach while developing embedded projects. This means that our team supports continuous communication with the client during the entire development process to keep the client’s requirements in check and make adjustments when needed.
What programming languages do you use for firmware development?
Most frequently, we use C, C++, and Assembly to create firmware solutions. Depending on the hardware platform and project requirements, we can also use Java, Python, JavaScript, and Bash.
What is the difference between firmware and embedded software?
Firmware is a mediator between hardware and software in an embedded system. It is programmed on a memory chip and performs low-level tasks. Embedded software is more sophisticated and is responsible for high-level functions and requires an operating system.