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  • Full cycle software development and engineering
  • Upgrades and refactoring
  • Replatforming
  • Cloud based software development
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Architecture assessment and design
  • UX/UI
  • Business analysis
  • Dedicated custom software development team
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Custom Software
in a Nutshell

User Interfaces and Front-End Applications

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Front-end web development is the creation of structured, interactable interfaces for websites and web applications. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the core languages involved in client-side web development.

Playing a significant role in modern software as representing the face of the user experience, front end technologies evolve quickly - bringing new languages and frameworks to the market at a rapid pace.

We cover most of the modern JavaScript frameworks including React, Angular, Vue js, node.js, Knockout.js, as well as HTML/CSS frameworks and UI frameworks for embedded systems (QT).

Javascript react Angular Vue.js Ember.js jQuery Node.js Knockout.js Qt
Mobile Apps

Mobile platforms are moving far beyond simple apps and web browsing. Augmented reality, built-in sensors, IoT connectivity, and personalized eCommerce are just some of the areas poised for growth in the mobile sector.

We work across multiple mobile platforms and frameworks, integrating mobile apps to eCommerce and CMS platforms, web applications, IoT, and cloud-based software. SaM Solutions is experienced in native (iOS/Android), hybrid, and cross-platform mobile development.

iOS Android Xamarin ReactNative Google Flutter PhoneGap Sencha Apache Cordova Vuforia

Core Logic and Back-End Applications

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Back-End Development for Web Applications

SaM Solutions works with nearly all modern languages and frameworks across multiple platforms, which allows us to build scalable and maintainable solutions. We employ the most up-to-date architectures - from classical client server architecture approaches to microservices and container-based architectures, multitenancy, SaaS and PaaS.

Java .NET ASP. NET ASP.NET Core Node.js Ruby Python PHP COBOL
Integrations & Middleware

Resource planning, enterprise portals, content management systems, master data systems, accounting and payment solutions – all these separate components need to be integrated to automate end-to-end business processes and create the most benefit for your business. Seamless integration between these different applications creates the infrastructure required for running a modern enterprise.

Our custom software development services cover API creation, web services, custom-built enterprise service buses, ETL solutions, as well as work with third-party vendors such Informatica, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and others. We have broad experience working with Open Source middleware frameworks Apache Came, APIGEE, JBoss.

SOAP REST Appache Camel APIGEE JBoss IBM Integration Bus SAP CX Data Hub Sitecore Content Hub
Desktop Applications

The development of desktop applications was a main focus of the software industry for numerous years. Due to the explosive growth of the internet, web applications took over a large segment of that industry. Even with the popularity of web apps, there will always be a need for integral desktop applications - either serving the needs of a single user or belonging to a suite of integrated applications.

Since our early beginnings in 1993, our experts have been creating customized desktop applications across all possible platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac, in addition to cross-platform desktop frameworks.

Java C# .NET Swift Objective C Python C++


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DevOps & CI/CD automation

An amalgamation of “development” and “operations,” “DevOps” describes the organizational structure, practices, and culture needed to enable rapid agile development and scalable, reliable operations of your custom software development project.

Core DevOps practices center around your infrastructure configuration standards, solution deployment, build processes and automation, testing, and monitoring. Leveraging modern practices, tools and frameworks our engineers enable rapid agile development and scalable, reliable operations of your custom software development project.

Jenkins TeamCity Bamboo Docker Ansible, Chef Puppet Vagrant AWS Cloud Foundry ELK / Grafana Kubernetes Docker Swarm New Relic Azure Application Insights Keymetrics
Cloud-Based Software Development, SaaS and PaaS

No longer just a buzzword, the cloud is where modern business is being done. At its core, the cloud is the digitalization of computing resources - data storage, systems, and computing power.

Through cloud computing, businesses can scale projects on-demand, manage infrastructure remotely, as well as develop, test, and deploy highly customized IT solutions in a fraction of the time (and cost). In short, the cloud enables rapid adaptation to the ever-changing needs of the market.

We work with most of the modern cloud platforms, building dozens of applications as well as investing in our proprietary PaaS solutions

Google Cloud Platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure IBM Cloud Oracle Cloud Platform Red Hat Cloud Suite Heroku SAP HANA Cloud Platform Sitecore Cloud

There are many different database architectures, database management systems, as well as database types and models, all of which allow for the storage and retrieval of datasets in different ways.

We take care of the database selection and proper setup as a part of your custom software development project – whether it’s a standard relational data base, cloud or in-memory, relational or NoSQL. We have extensive experience working with leading databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, Redis, SQLite and others.

Oracle MySQL Microsoft SQL Server PostgreSQL MongoDB DB2 Redis SQLite Google Cloud Database Services Oracle Database Cloud Amazon Database Services SAP HANA Cloud NoSQL Apache Hadoop
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What is custom software development?
Custom software development is the process of creating software products for individual clients according to their unique requirements. Such software solutions are tailored to specific business conditions and needs, hence they can solve their tasks more effectively.
What are the benefits of a custom software solution?
Unlike off-the-shelf software that is available to a wide range of companies and users, a custom solution is designed for the specific goals and needs of a particular company. The main benefits of tailor-made software are personalization, reliability and security, seamless integration with existing systems, and cost-effectiveness.
How to hire a software development company?
Decide on the category of a software company you want to hire (onshore, offshore, nearshore), explore their clients’ feedback and compile a short list of candidate companies. Request a quote from each company and arrange a personal meeting (online or offline) with the ones offering better terms and conditions. To make the final decision, pay attention to the tech stack they offer, negotiate payment details, and get acquainted with the development team.

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