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Delivering Sitecore development since 2012, our team mentored and supervised by a four-time Sitecore MVP is ready to perform a comprehensive analysis and optimization of your Sitecore solution.
What Is a Sitecore Audit
A Sitecore tech audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website or web application that uses Sitecore as a content management system (CMS). Aimed at pinpointing any technical issues or possibilities for improvement of a Sitecore implementation, the audit usually involves a review of the architecture, codebase, security, performance and technical SEO. Sitecore audit findings assist developers and website owners in making informed steps toward more efficient use of Sitecore.
When Sitecore Audits Should Be Performed
If your Sitecore-powered website suffers from low loading speed or high support costs due to many recurring errors, requires a version upgrade, or simply doesn’t help you achieve your business goals, you will undoubtedly benefit from a Sitecore audit.
What Sitecore Versions Can Be Audited
Thanks to its rich experience with different Sitecore versions, SaM Solutions performs technical audits of Sitecore XP 8-10.x and Sitecore XM. If you're using earlier Sitecore versions, we highly recommend considering our Sitecore upgrade services.

Sitecore Audit Process at SaM Solutions

During a Sitecore audit, our experts perform a thorough examination of your Sitecore system. You always stay in complete control of what we get to analyze and are free to request a custom set of Sitecore audit services that you’re interested in.

1. Website Performance Analysis
2. Platform Architecture, Codebase, Configuration, and Security
3. SEO Audits
4. Other Sitecore Services

Our Sitecore Audit Deliverables

After a Sitecore tech audit, our specialists present and share a comprehensive written report which:

  • Outlines all our findings in the areas you chose
  • Classifies uncovered issues by the level of impact and urgency
  • Provides detailed suggestions on possible improvements

At your request, our Sitecore development team is also ready to undertake the implementation of all the improvements that we recommend.

Benefits of a Sitecore Audit with SaM Solutions

A Sitecore audit can help you:

  • enhance the performance, security, and stability of your web solution.
  • identify and eliminate compatibility issues (related to different Sitecore versions or integrations).
  • resolve and prevent the issues that can get in the way of your website’s or web app’s long-term growth.

By providing improvement suggestions, we always aim at bringing tangible benefits to your business.

With the help of SaM Solutions’ Sitecore experts, our clients have already achieved:

  • 4x faster website performance
  • 10x reduction in website support tickets
  • 3x growth in conversions

SaM Solutions’ Sitecore Expertise

  • 10
    Years of Experience
  • 34
    Sitecore Engineers
  • 1
    Sitecore MVP in Technology
  • 10
    Certified Sitecore Developers

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Schedule a Sitecore Audit
Our Sitecore development team will provide the time estimates necessary for completing the audit services you’re interested in. We’ll also make sure to schedule all activities in a manner that will minimize your website’s downtime.

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