Sitecore Consulting Services

Mentored and supervised by a four-time Sitecore Technology MVP, SaM Solutions’ team of Sitecore experts is ready to help you maximize the efficiency and business value of your Sitecore-driven project.

Our Sitecore Consulting Services

Planning of Sitecore Implementation

Our experts will provide Sitecore solutions consulting, helping you choose a fitting platform, make time and budget estimations, and prepare a project plan.

Sitecore Technical Audit

SaM Solutions Sitecore experts will analyze your Sitecore-driven software, list existing issues or points of improvement, and document their hands-on recommendations.

Planning of a Sitecore Upgrade or Migration to Sitecore

We will analyze the feasibility of an upgrade/migration, recommend the Sitecore version that fits your case, and prepare all key documentation.

Consulting on Sitecore Integration and API Development

Sitecore consultants will investigate all the existing or planned systems you want to have Sitecore integrated with – and draft a detailed integration or API development plan.

Verification of Helix Guidelines Compliance

We’ll check whether your solution adheres to Sitecore Helix guidelines that ensure maintainable code and reduced costs of updates. If these practices aren’t in place, we’ll list the necessary changes in the architecture and code.

Sitecore Best Practices Review

We will analyze your Sitecore implementation and make sure it follows Sitecore best practices such as composability, headless architecture, and API-first approach.

SaM Solutions as a Sitecore Development Company

  • 10
    Years of Sitecore Experience
  • 34
    Sitecore Engineers
  • 6-10
    Sitecore Version Support
  • 10
    Certified Sitecore Developers

With the help of SaM Solutions’ Sitecore experts, our clients have already achieved:

  • 4x faster website performance
  • 10x reduction in website support tickets
  • 3x growth in conversions
Need Consulting on Sitecore?
SaM Solutions offers expert-level comprehensive Sitecore services – from all types of advisory sessions to professional Sitecore development and deployment.

Our Sitecore Platform and Technology Expertise

As per Sitecore official product categorization

Digital Experience Platforms (On-prem)
Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) – 6-10.x, Sitecore Experience Manager
Sitecore Engagement Cloud
Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP), Sitecore Send, Sitecore Personalization and CDP, Sitecore Connect
Sitecore Content Cloud
Sitecore XM Cloud, Content Hub (DAM, ONE, Operations), Sitecore Search
Sitecore Commerce Cloud
Sitecore OrderCloud, Sitecore Discover
Sitecore Integration Technologies
Web API, GraphQL, Custom APIs

Our Sitecore Consulting Process


Needs analysis

We analyze your initial request and discuss your case in detail during a scheduled call or via an email exchange – whichever you prefer.


Service outline

Based on your needs, we suggest consulting activities that you will benefit from the most. We describe the activities, outlining the tasks and processes, goals, and planned deliverables.



After we agree on the scope of consulting activities and sign a contract, our Sitecore experts proceed to executing the planned processes. They regularly keep in touch with you via the communication means of your choice.



We guarantee tangible deliverables and welcome any form of them you prefer, including table sheets with calculations, presentations, documented reports, and more.

Contracting Models

Maximize the business value of your web solution with our Sitecore Consulting Services


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Our Teams Are Here to Help

Dmitry Koshkin
Dmitry Koshkin
Managing Director, SaM Solutions USA
With over 30 years in the IT industry, SaM Solutions designs and builds robust custom and platform-based software to ensure our clients' success.

Fill out the form, send us an email or call our US office directly at (857) 777-6073 and SaM Solutions representative will contact you.


How experienced is SaM Solutions as a Sitecore Consultancy?
We have been an IT service provider since 1993 and rendering Sitecore service for over 10 years now. Our experts have massive hands-on experience building and optimizing Sitecore-powered solutions for businesses of different sizes from various industries
I’m new to Sitecore and they have a lot of products. Which one do I opt for?
Sitecore has a variety of solutions that you can further customize by adding various functional modules. For instance, Send and Personalize are the modules you can enhance your Sitecore Customer Data Platform with. The choice of the core platform depends on your needs and SaM Solutions Sitecore CMS consultants are ready to advise you on the most cost-effective option.
Is Sitecore a valid option as an e-commerce platform?
Absolutely. Sitecore has two dedicated ecommerce solutions – Sitecore Experience Commerce or XC (on-premises) and Sitecore Commerce OrderCloud (SaaS). Along with providing easy ways to set up an online store, both solutions offer robust marketing tools that help build tailored user journeys, collect data, and continuously optimize sales.