Professional React JS Development Services

Hire a React Development Team

Hire a React Development Team

Leverage the unparalleled performance and flexibility of React to quickly build beautiful, robust, feature-rich JS web applications and deliver them to your customers ahead of the plan.

Use the most advanced front-end technology backed by industry leaders to deliver best-in-class services and interactive tools on top of modern cloud backends.

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React Development Services from SaM Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of professional application development services using React, one of the most advanced and popular front-end technologies available on today’s market. From professional consulting to end-to-end product delivery, our team will provide everything necessary to help you succeed.

React Consulting

Tap into our multi-year experience in React development and let us advise you on the optimal approach to picking a balanced technology stack for your project. Save your budget and accelerate product delivery by following our recommendations based on our profound expertise in product engineering.

React App Development

Build fast and responsive web applications, including SPA and PWA apps, that will become the core of your online business. Take advantage of the flexibility and speed of React to create visually stunning and easy-to-navigate user interfaces and connect them to any backends.

Rapid MVP Development

Give your web development pipeline a solid boost by hiring our React development company. Dramatically reduce the time-to-market for every upcoming software product in your portfolio. Rely on the inherent simplicity and effectiveness of React to build better products faster.

Sustainable Team Growth

SaM Solutions has strategically aligned with local universities and organizations to help grow new and seasoned developers. Our dedication to new and emerging talent showcases our commitment for a strong future.

Front-end Migration to React

Let our competent JS development team help you migrate from outdated front–end technologies or alternative modern frameworks to React. Keep your key workflows intact and improve them using React’s powerful components and its ultra-fast proprietary virtual DOM model.

Enterprise Product Engineering

Use React to fuel serious IT innovations in your company. Completely transform familiar, yet obsolete interfaces, and add a new level of interactivity to a variety of business tools. Build dynamic web pages, social media apps, and mobile applications using the same powerful technology.

React Application Support

Keep all of your custom React applications, progressive web apps, and online tools always in great shape by hiring a React.js web development company like SaM Solutions. Maintain a consistently high level of application stability and data security.

Dedicated React Development Teams

Take on the most challenging digital transformation missions involving web application development in React. Tap into our profound expertise in software product engineering in general and JS development in particular to build products of any complexity.

React for Web Development: Our Tech Stack

React does not exist in isolation. It is an essential component of a thriving and constantly evolving ecosystem of cutting-edge front- and backend frameworks, tools, and products. SaM Solutions takes full advantage of this impressive arsenal of tools to build modern, scalable, and feature-packed cloud apps.

  • Ant Design
  • React (React.js)
  • React Native
  • React Bootstrap
  • Material UI
  • Next.js
  • Formik
  • Netlify
  • NPM
  • Nest.js
  • Node.js
  • Yup
  • Heroku
  • Redux Thunk
  • React Redux
  • Redux Form

featured Cloud platforms

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean

React JS Integrations We Perform


We integrate your React-driven front end with AWS, Azure, and GCP to create scalable cloud apps and serverless solutions.

Back end

SaM Solutions’s React JS team ensures seamless integration of your front end with an existing or a newly developed back end.

Payment Gateways

We set up a secure connection between your React app and Apple/Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other payment gateways.

Social Media Platforms

SaM Solutions establishes stable data exchange between your React-powered app and all social media platforms of your choice.


We introduce both official ReactJS-based and third-party plugins on other technologies into your React software.

Third-party Software

Our React development team develops custom APIs to ensure smooth two-way communication in your entire IT ecosystem.

Our Software Development Process

  • Requirements analysis
  • UX and UI design
  • React software development
  • Rigorous testing and quality assurance
  • Delivery
  • Continuous maintenance and support

The Benefits of React for Modern Web Development

Speed of Development

React is known for the speed of development it helps achieve, which is especially important for startups and large-scale digital transformation projects in the enterprise segment.


Thanks to its Virtual DOM model and one-way data flow, React offers an unrivaled level of in-browser performance and responsiveness to users’ actions.

Server-side Page Rendering

React + Node.js is a winning combination that fully realizes the potential of React’s server-side rendering (SSR) mode and dramatically increases the effectiveness of SEO strategies.

Ease of Maintenance

React applications are relatively easy to maintain thanks to its modular structure, strict and well-documented syntax, and the growing number of React developers on the market.

Industry Support

React is backed by industry leaders and thousands of independent international contributors and professional communities that help the technology evolve and become more versatile.

Web and Mobile Support

React can be used for web and mobile development with a near-native mobile experience. React Native is a powerful platform for building mobile apps using JavaScript and TypeScript.

Why Choose SaM Solutions as a React Company to Deliver Your Next Project

Decades of software engineering experience

With nearly 30 years on the market, our company has gained invaluable experience working on projects for various industries and market verticals.

Flexible software development process

Our development and project management practices are agile to the bone and are applied across the board, from project planning to day-to-day DevOps activities.

Cross-technology, cross-platform experience

SaM Solutions is a multidisciplinary technology services company with a broad engineering profile that includes nearly all modern programming languages.

Fast ramp-up and team expansion

With 800+ full-time employees and a vast network of trusted partners, we are always ready for projects of any scale and complexity level.

End-to-end development services

We offer a complete range of software engineering services, from professional business analysis to post-delivery technical support and maintenance.

Multiple locations for ease of cooperation

With our multiple delivery locations, our clients can hire React.js developers with the least time zone difference and maximum travel convenience.

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What are the typical use cases for React.js?
React can be used for building the front-end part of any solution and is especially effective in combination with Node.js used as a back-end technology. React is a perfect choice for advanced single-page apps (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), and any cloud applications with dynamic data exchange and responsive design.
Is React better than other front-end frameworks like Angular?
Both frameworks are very well suited for modern cloud applications, but there are aspects in which React clearly outperforms Angular. Thanks to its virtual DOM model and low-level rendering optimizations, any web service in React is typically faster than those built with Angular. The updates mechanism in React is also more convenient, as it does not require multiple updates to be deployed one by one. To top it off, React offers a wider selection of ready components and tools for implementing particular pieces of functionality.
Our company is considering launching an AR project that requires a complex user interface. Is React a good choice for us?
Yes, it is. React and React Native are often used for AR app development thanks to a variety of React libraries and components created specifically for this purpose. If you are looking to hire a developer or a team of engineers, SaM Solutions can provide React and React Native developers with first-hand experience in AR.
We have an IoT application written in ASP.NET Core and are looking for a React Native development company to build a mobile app for it. We had some experience with Xamarin, but weren’t quite happy with the result. Can you confirm that a React Native app would have the same feel and touch as a native app?
Yes, React Native is known for its ability to accurately reproduce most of the functionality of native applications for iOS and Android, offering a great mobile experience that is virtually indiscernible from that of native apps.
We are working on a vision document of a large online service for our group of companies and are seeking a trusted partner for helping us throughout this entire journey. Are you strictly a development company or can you also work as a React.js consultancy firm before the development phase starts?
Sure, we can help you work on your front-end architecture well in advance and advise you on the optimal development approach before any work commences. This will help achieve better product transparency and alignment between front- and back-end teams when the project kicks off.

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