Startup Support

Have a great tech idea and not sure what’s next? We can help

We bring our 30+ years of expertise in enterprise software engineering to help startups build their future technology

We can help at any step of your journey by

  • Assessing your technical concept, software, and hardware architecture
  • Estimating the budget
  • Creating wireframes and solution blueprints
  • Creating any version of your software: from a demo for your investors to the scalable production solution
  • Porting between different platforms and environments
  • Working across numerous technologies – mobile, IoT, embedded software, and web applications

Program benefits
for startups

Professional project guidance
Payment flexibility, deferred payment options
Opportunity to have developmental costs paid
Significant cost reduction in hourly pricing
Free Project Manager

No matter what stage you're at, we’ll get your technology covered

Seed Capital and Bootstrap Financing

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    We understand you are funded from personal savings, your family, acquaintances, and partners

    We can help with:

  • Free assessment of your technology
  • Understanding your requirements
  • Evaluating your go-to-market strategy from the technology perspective
  • Building your first software demo, prototype, or proof of concept to bring your ideas to potential investors or the market.
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Development Stage Startup

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    You can showcase a more well-thought-out approach to your technology as well as demonstrate a cost-effective partnership with our global brand to your investors. We leverage our distributed team to find you top talent at competitive prices.

    We can help with:

  • Evaluating your technology and go-to-market approach
  • Helping you select the best software options for the platform and technologies
  • Staffing the project to build, scale, or refactor your software
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Established and Mature Startups

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    If you are preparing for an IPO, acquisition, or management buyout, you should be evaluating cost optimization methods, prepping for product expansion, and transitioning to a more sustainable software platform. Leveraging our cross-domain expertise, SaM Solutions has decades of experience working with established businesses, larger corporations, and proven software technologies.

    We can help with:

  • Evaluation of your solution’s scalability and performance
  • Expansion or improvement of your solution
  • Refactoring, improving, or scaling your solution
  • Addition of new business features
  • Connecting user experiences across multiple channels
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Social Networking
Fashion and Apparel
Development Boards and Kits
POS / Warehouse Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Scientific Equipment
Real Estate and Hospitality

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Dmitry Koshkin
Dmitry Koshkin
Managing Director, SaM Solutions USA
With over 30 years in the IT industry, SaM Solutions designs and builds robust custom and platform-based software to ensure our clients' success.

Fill out the form, send us an email or call our US office directly at (857) 777-6073 and SaM Solutions representative will contact you.


How do I find a mobile app developer?
Define the target audience of your app and decide on what platform it should be developed — iOS, Android, or both. If you don’t want to hire an in-house team, find an outsourcing company that offers mobile development services and has a talent pool with corresponding tech skills. Set up a meeting with their experts to discuss details.
What stage startups do you work with?
No matter what stage you are at, we can help you. We can partner with startups from the very beginning, or help late-stage startups improve their solutions and expand their client base.
What services do you offer to startups?
At the seed stage, we can help you with assessing your concept, estimating the budget, and creating a prototype. At the development stage, we can help you select technologies and staff the project. For late-stage startups, we can offer product improvements or a product scaling plan.
What is the Startup Support Program by SaM Solutions?
Our Startup Support Program aims to help startups at various stages overcome difficulties and implement their product ideas. With almost three decades of software engineering experience, SaM Solutions can offer practical assistance with various aspects of project development.
How can a startup hire developers?
Outline your requirements and contact specialists at SaM Solutions to join our Startup Support Program. We can help any startup build a strong team of developers with the tech stack needed for the project.