Sun E Mates Launches a Smart Delivery Box to Protect Against Theft, Weather and Sanitizing Parcels

  • Industry Logistics
  • Solution IoT, Mobile, Startup


Sun E Mates is a tech startup founded in 2019 by two friends passionate in technology and innovation. With experience working in parcel shipment deliveries in southern California, one of the co-founders noticed a disturbing trend in the theft of packages delivered to consumers.

Realizing the potential opportunity in addressing the lack of security in parcel deliveries, he was determined to come up with a solution to this growing problem. Thus, the Sun E Mates security box concept was born.

During the planning of the original concept, another more immediate problem needed to be addressed. The COVID-19 global pandemic and potential risk of infection became a serious concern and obstacle that society is currently faced with. This global pandemic barrier became a major opportunity for Sun E Mates to shift gears and tackle two problems at the same time.

The team quickly adjusted the concept and was able to produce a new solution that has revolutionized current models in parcel shipping standards. With a newfound passion to help those in need with a solution that addresses physical and biological security, Sun E Mates introduces the “SunBox” with a highly anticipated launch through a Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2020. This IoT implementation case study displays our technical approach to solving their problem.

Sun E Mates was born in January 2019. The following January they realized the risk a new emerging virus (COVID-19) would pose to receiving deliveries safely. To protect families, Sun E Mates integrated UV-C Technology into their Parcel Delivery Receptacle, ensuring their product would serve to help with contactless delivery and much more.
“My experience working with SaM Solutions has been amazing. They have been on top of every aspect of the partnership which has been seamless. They have structure, when we had little. They simply laid out a blueprint which allowed us to visually reach our timeframe goals at a pace we would have ever accomplished alone.

SaM Solutions is very responsive with all team members. Every time we had a question or concern, they gave us clarity and would respond immediately. They sometimes went above and beyond our questions to give us additional information to better execute tasks and eventually build a better solution.

Working with the team has been like having a partner versus having someone externally. This has made the whole experience more enjoyable for us. Because of this partnership, we are so much closer to having our vision becoming a reality.

The Startup Support program was one of the most impressive things because of how much they care and worked with us to find a payment solution that works. It makes us feel like as they are just as invested as we are and continue to drive us forward. The flexibility and business professionalism on how they work with us is top-notch and I don’t think it’s a relationship that is easy to come by. I would 100% recommend SaM Solutions for any business looking for software development help.”

SaM Solutions


After a thorough selection process, Sun E Mates opted to partner with SaM Solutions. Combined with SaM’s technical expertise in embedded and IoT projects and the startup business guidance of the US-based team, the partnership looked promising for getting the business idea off the ground.

SaM Solutions assembled a global team of IoT/embedded software and mobile specialists to map out a framework to understand requirements versus the capabilities of the existing platforms. The scope of work included the following:

  • Business and technical analysis
  • Architecture and technical design
  • Software development
  • Hardware prototyping
  • Cloud service
  • UI/UX design and implementation
  • DevOps
  • Testing activities.

Sun_E_Mates - scheme


Debian GNU/Linux, Amazon Web Services, Google Firebase Cloud Messaging, Android, iOS
Programming Languages
Python, BASH, Java, Swift 5
VoIP, SIP, RTP, GPIO, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cloud
Development Environment
Pycharm, Android Studio, Gradle, Xcode, Jira, Confluence, Git
Other Technologies and Tools
Linphone, Asterisk, FreePBX 14.1, Django 3.0.3, djangorestframework 3.11.0, Django authentication system, djoser 2.0.3, Token Based Authentication, celery 4.4.2, Redis 3.2.12, boto3 1.12.19


Within the first couple of months from the start of the engagement, SaM Solutions was able to successfully produce the technology needed to build out the prototype and the Alpha version of the solution.

This solution represents telecommunication technologies to support real-time streaming media by demand, automatic motion detection, and a cloud backend that includes cloud computing and cloud storage. The user interfaces can be presented by using iOS and Android-based mobile applications.

Signing up for the SaM Solutions’ “Startup initiative” allowed Sun E Mates to jumpstart an idea and build an innovative business behind it. The flexible business terms and cost-effective rates allowed for an easy entry to take a vision and create a product that addresses multiple threats in the parcel delivery service industry. The expertise of SaM Solutions with over 30 years of success, has allowed Sun E Mates to become one step close to creating a solution that is making the world a little bit safer.

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