SAP Hybris Implementation for a Major Children’s Toys Retail Chain

  • IndustryRetail
  • Solution SAP CX


Being a major retailer in the CIS region, the client was faced with significant limitations using their custom legacy PHP-based eCommerce solution. To stay competitive in the market and provide customers with a best-in-class shopping experience, they needed to use a proven platform.

It needed to be agile enough to support flexible pricing, marketing strategies, delivery optimization tools, proximity, and brand-specific landing pages. The client selected the award-winning SAP CX (Hybris) Commerce suite. The challenge was to develop a team of software developers that understood the SAP platform and were able to take advantage of the full capabilities. SAP Digital Business Services chose SaM Solutions to be the software development arm of the solution.

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Publicly traded major Eastern European retailer specializing in children’s toys and apparel. The client has been in business for more than 50 years and has built a 600 stores network in most of the CIS countries. Over the last decade, the Customer has been significantly increasing its online presence.
“Our experience with SaM Solutions has been very productive. We have collaborated with their team previously and learned that they deliver great value to our clients. That is why when choosing a contractor for this project, we immediately turned to SaM Solutions, as we knew we could rely on their proficiency and experience. The SaM Solutions team has proven once again that they are highly proficient, ready to face challenges, and extremely flexible when it comes to absorbing any changes throughout the project.”

SaM Solutions


SAP Digital Business Services was selected to prime the contract as a trusted implementation partner to deliver the solution from the business scope to data migration and go-live support. SAP CX technical implementation was to be done in partnership with SaM Solutions. The solution allowed for the teams to implement multiple features including the following:

  • Robust price calculation logic with multiple promotions, bundles and cross-sale campaigns
  • Delivery Date and Cost optimization for end customer
  • Shop-in-shop landing pages
  • Adaptive design
  • SEO requirements compliance
  • Flexible fulfillment options: Buy Online/Pick Up In-Store, or Buy Online/Return In-Store


  • Search & Navigation
  • Checkout and delivery date/cost optimization
  • Robust price calculation
  • Promotional product placement
  • Payment processing
  • Loyalty program
  • Customized order management
  • Integration with SAP ERP and WMS and third-party systems
  • Self-service customer portal
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Integration with social networks
  • Call center integration

In Partnership with

SAP Digital Business Services have been helping companies within the CIS region to transform and optimize their business’ for more than 20 years. There is a wide range of custom projects covering an array of sizes, industries, and countries in the region. Companies rely on SAP due to their expertise in understanding the needs of the global market especially when managing companies within the CIS market.


Languages and Frameworks
Hybris 5.4, Java 7, Spring 3 (Core, MVC, Security, Integration), HTML, CSS, JSP, JSTL, jQuery
Ajax, JSON, Axis 2
SOLR, FactFinder
Build & Automation
Jenkins, Git, Ant 1.9
Project Management and Architecture
Jira, Confluence, IntelliJ IDEA
Deploy Mode
On-premises cluster, AWS, Azure, SAP Cloud, Vagrant, YAML
Oracle 11, MySQL 5, HSQLDB


As a result of the implementation of the SAP hybris Commerce Suite the following key functionality was implemented:

  • Completely integrated web portal, order management, call-center, and self-service portal
  • SAP ERP, EWM backend systems seamlessly integrated with the new platform
  • Seamless customer experience across all touchpoints with a single source content
  • Integrated order management across all channels
  • Purchasing and fulfillment including delivery date and cost optimization logic across multiple transportation companies
  • Multi-currency and multi-language localization capabilities supporting future rollout
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