High-Performance Board Support Package Development Project for PHYTEC

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  • Solution Embedded Software


PHYTEC was faced with the dilemma of scaling its core development team for a high-performance board support package development project, specifically for a new product using the latest i.MX6 CPU. If they were able to release this innovative product within an aggressive timeline its impact on new business would be massive. Their challenge was to find a team that had extensive experience in embedded software including the adjustment of modules for hardware products. The customer chose SaM Solutions to help bring the product to market.

PHYTEC Technologies is an international IT service company with 30+ years of industry expertise. The Company operates many different divisions including a comprehensive set of services such as system integrations, hardware/software design, mechanical design, and manufacturing.


SaM Solutions quickly assembled its embedded-software specialists to begin the Board Support Package development project. This project was able to begin within days of signed agreements. The development included Linux kernel porting, development, and adjustment of modules for the following peripheral hardware components: LVDS, HDMI, touch controllers, SPI NOR, NAND, SATA, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ext2/ext3/ext4, DVFS, USB OTG, I2C, CAN, PCI Express, audio, PEB interfaces, camera interface (with various sensor), GPU, GPIO’s, and thermal sensors.

SaM Solutions was able to immediately analyze initial board support package development prototypes by reviewing the technical specifications, and delivered a fully functional board support package to meet PHYTEC’s specific requirements. We were able to create the BSP (a software package that implements and supports operating systems on the customer’s System on Module “SOM”) with the resulting BSP being a development-ready application with all essential drivers and board-level feature support.

The Linux Package includes the following components:

  • GCC C/C++ cross development tool chain
  • PTXdist build system
  • Bootloader (Barebox/U-Boot), kernel, root file system
  • Source BSP

The SOM product supports the Freescale™ i.MX6 Solo, i.MX6 Dual and i.MX6 Quad application processors, offering a broad range of solutions with an emphasis on cost-efficiency and high-demand performance at low power. The three innovative SOM interconnects provide standardization across the product family and highlight features such as 64-bit DDR3, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, integrated FlexCAN and MLB busses, PCIe, SATA-II, multiple simultaneous displays, camera interface, and HDMI v1.4.


ARM Freescale iMX.6 (with PHYTEC PBA-B-01 phyFLEX), TI OMAP 5
Programming Languages
C/C++, Qt, Python, BASH, Assembler
GNU/Linux kernel, Android, U-Boot, Barebox, Oselas toolchain, DirectFB i2c, LVDS, HDMI, CAN, GPIO
Development environment
Debian GNU/Linux, Jira, Git


The board support package development project between SaM Solutions and PHYTEC was a major success which has led to a long-term partnership. SaM Solutions’ expertise on embedded software allowed PHYTEC to concentrate on hardware design and manufacturing while maintaining the premium quality of its products.

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