Development of an Automotive Infotainment System for a Leading Auto Manufacturer

  • IndustryAutomotive
  • Solution Embedded Software


The Customer was faced with growing competition and needed to partner with a development company that has an understanding of the emerging embedded software platform. One challenge was to create a robust infotainment system that provides a comprehensive driving and passenger experience. Some feature requirements needed were to create a smooth interaction between the user and the onboard computer to provide real-time performance data and include the car media system. The customer chose SaM Solutions.

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The Customer is a large auto manufacturer that produces a wide range of passenger and commercial vehicles. This company is on the Global 500 Lists with revenues exceeding $150 Billion (2017).


SaM Solutions was able to assemble a highly experienced team for the creation of the customer’s car infotainment systems. The goal was to incorporate the latest technologies which included a wide range of capabilities related to the human-car interaction. The system’s user-friendly interface and voice-activated control was backed by the support of multiple communication media options. Additional programming methods allowed for enhanced safety features including a safe driving mode with the following capabilities:

  • Device Management
  • Audio/Video Playback
  • Calling and Voice Based Messaging
  • Advanced navigation features
  • Real-time car performance analytics


Ubuntu 14.04
Programming Languages
С++98, С++11, Python
Yocto Project, GENIVI
CAN interface, Ethernet interface


The partnership between SaM Solutions and the Auto Manufacturer proved to be a success. The final infotainment system was installed on countless vehicles and it enabled the auto manufacturer to produce advanced user-friendly experiences with the key features that focus on safety. Vehicles that have the new infotainment solution are shown to have improved user satisfaction and loyalty.

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