Smart House Solution Built on PHYTEC Technologies

  • IndustryHigh-Tech
  • Solution Internet of Things


SaM Solutions’ research teams were faced with a challenge to find a cost-effective method to develop a prototype for a Smart House Management System. At the time, most existing systems were either closed or had very limited reconfigurability on the management protocols and GUIs. These closed applications made it more difficult to keep project costs and time needed down. Additional challenges faced will be a unification of various control equipment connected to multiple interface buses and protocols. PHYTEC agreed to partner with SaM Solutions by providing access to the latest technologies for building a smart house solution.

PHYTEC operates many different divisions including hardware, software, and mechanical design. This pioneering enterprise was one of the first businesses to launch an OEM-able module using a Siemens 8051 8-bit microcontroller. With locations in Germany, North America, France, China, and India, the manufacturer remains a global leader. Today, the business continues to support cutting edge technologies through its System-on-Module division.


SaM Solutions assembled a team of IoT/Embedded Software specialists to map out a framework to understand the needs of the market versus the capabilities of the existing platforms. The first step was to create an efficient prototype that had a user-friendly interface and editing capabilities. The use of a QT library made it easier for developers to create a scalable, cross-platform interface.

The result was a system that brings different control protocols and standards to a centralized control module. To unify the communication protocols, SaM Solutions’s engineers developed several plug-ins that convert Modbus, CAN, and 1-wire protocols to the D-Bus. Further work was conducted in the GUI Interface to simplify the solution. This code rewrite simplified the logic and interface. With the use of motion detection, cameras are activated and live-streamed to the main control console for analysis and monitoring.


Operating system
ARM Linux 32bit / PyxdistBSP, Android
Programming Languages
ModBUS, CAN, Gstreamer, GCC cross compiler for ARM
Qt4/Qt5, ModBUS, CAN, 1-Wire, D-Bus, cross-compilation


The prototypes allowed for thorough testing of cameras, detectors, and modules to make the best potential solution. The result was an easy to use centralized Smart House Display System (prototype) with the following components:

  • Door and window control
  • Temperature measurement in different parts of the house
  • Lighting control
  • Receiving and broadcasting camera streams
  • Motion-triggered gate control (camera stream used)
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