PAYBACK: The Largest Customer Loyalty Program in Europe with over 30 Million Users

  • IndustryRetail, Customer Loyalty
  • Solution Custom Development, Web Application


PAYBACK’s initial customer loyalty solution, Loyalty Management Suite (LMS), was originally developed by PAYBACK in-house with the objective of enabling retailers to increase revenue, better understand their shoppers, build brand awareness, and generate customer excitement.

With the company wanting to expand across a wider range of business verticals, PAYBACK management decided their customer loyalty solution (LMS) needed to have a deeper level of functionality and flexibility. Unable to produce this increased functionality and flexibility in-house, PAYBACK enlisted the help of SaM Solutions as their custom software development partner.

The main objective of this project was to update the entire LMS platform to have the following characteristics:

  • Ability for retailers to easily configure advanced custom settings (e.g. in-store discount redemptions, time-sensitive promotional details, etc.)
  • Improved overall functionality
  • Increased scalability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive user experience
PAYBACK is one of the leading customer loyalty and multichannel marketing platforms in Europe. The platform has over 31 million active users in Germany, and countless more across Mexico, India, Austria, Poland, and Italy.

PAYBACK empowers consumers to collect and redeem discount rewards with hundreds of well-known retailers around the world both online and in-store through PAYBACK's mobile app, web-based system, and PAYBACK purchase cards.


PAYBACK was provided with SaM Solutions’ team of expert Java developers. Our team used Agile software development methodologies to guarantee a seamless sync into PAYBACK’s existing development environment.

Our use of an Agile development process ensured that we could quickly adapt to any changes in technical or business requirements, adjusting the project’s development process accordingly. Features developed for the client include, but are not limited to:

  • Possibility to identify members with CPAN;
  • Possibility for end users to use a PAYBACK payment card for purchases;
  • Possibility for clients to enter and update data regarding upcoming/current promotions;
  • Possibility to enter and update gift data;
  • Point redemption for in-store and online discounts;
  • Point redemption for gift purchases;
  • Possibility to reserve redeemed vouchers;

The system that we developed, working with PAYBACK’s internal development team, delivered the specific functionalities required for enticing visitors to use the PAYBACK card/rewards system; point collection and redemption at stores during the purchasing process, miles-based rewards (for transportation services), and gift/voucher options based on the specific services/goods offered by a store using the PAYBACK software.

The custom solution that we developed is based on what’s known as a service-oriented architecture (SOA) – which applies the latest technologies, frameworks, and open system operation standards into one cohesive architecture.

Through using an Agile methodology, the joint project teams were able to establish a highly flexible and lightweight development process. In addition to utilizing an Agile-based approach, we also worked according to the Scrum model of development, which emphasizes some of the most crucial aspects of development – communication, transparency, and flexibility.

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Languages and Frameworks
Java, J2SE 6.0, J2EE 1.5 (Web), Spring, HTTP, HTML, CSS, JSP, XML, XSLT SSL
Oracle 10.2
CASE Tools
Magic Draw
Bug Tracking System
Version Control
Other Technologies
Oracle, Ant, Maven, Hibernate, JPA, EJB, Coremedia, Eclipse, IDEA, WebWork, Bea Weblogic 10, Jira, Wiki


PAYBACK has been used by over 30 million users and hundreds of business partners, resulting in the redemption of billions of coupons, discounts, and vouchers. Our solution laid the groundwork for LPS PAYBACK becoming the most popular retail customer rewards program in Germany, with eight out of every ten German citizens being familiar with PAYBACK and millions of system transactions occurring every day.

By selecting SaM Solutions as their custom development partner, LPS was able to significantly enhance the overall efficiency of their software development process, expand on PAYBACK’s original functionalities, as well as optimize the technical and marketplace flexibility of the PAYBACK product.

The software developed by SaM Solutions has allowed PAYBACK to confirm its validity as a leading provider of loyalty management software. SaM Solutions has been providing nearshore development and support services for PAYBACK’s web portal since the project’s completion in 2009.

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