SaM Solutions Announces Startup Boston Week 2020 Sponsorship

SaM Solutions is proud to announce our sponsorship of Startup Boston Week 2020. We’re sponsoring this year’s event in order to help entrepreneurs outline their technical vision and prepare their products for showcasing to investors and market.

Our webinar, which is centered around bringing a tech product to market, will be taking place on September 22nd from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM (EST).

Register for the event to save yourself a virtual seat!

Supporting a healing post-Coronavirus economy and Startup community, SaM Solutions has launched a special program dedicated to small businesses and early stage startups with innovative business ideas but are struggling to find experts and resources to implement those ideas.

The Startup Support Program offers expert technical and business guidance, special pricing and financing, and a solid development framework for startups to succeed. One of first Startups of the initiative is Sun E Mates, which invented an IoT-enabled anti-theft and self-disinfecting parcel delivery box.

Sun E Mates has successfully completed their initial development, and has also starting pitching their product prototypes and alpha version to investors (for more information regarding the technical specs see the Sun E Mates case study).

Boston startup week serves as a backbone for the entire New England area entrepreneurs, startup employees, mentors, advisors, students, investors, and newcomers’ access to initiatives and events that can connect them to like-minded individuals.

The goal is to assist in the process environment at all levels prepare the business to build to scale.

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Dmitry Koshkin

Dmitry Koshkin

Managing Director, SaM Solutions USA