Mobile Application for azh’s Therapy-in-Motion Software

  • IndustryHealthcare
  • Solution Mobile Application, General Development


azh and SaM Solutions teamed up to develop a modular desktop application entitled Therapy-in-Motion (TiM). This program allows healthcare businesses to manage and streamline physicians’ daily operations. azh decided to upgrade its TiM application by enhancing one of its modules entitled Befundung.

The challenge was to create a standalone mobile application that would help handle patient information during physicians’ home visits. Additional functionality needed would be to increase picture quality, mobility, reduction in the document flow, and increase the security of the management of patients’ data.

azh GmbH is a subsidiary of the Noventi Group, a German-based market leader in International healthcare products and services. azh is a leading IT provider that delivers software solutions to health practices in outpatient care, emergency response services, and ambulance services.


azh and SaM developers were able to quickly identify the main requirements and implemented them in the Therapy-In- Motion’s mobile solution. This included access, editing, and input of patients’ data through iOS and Android devices. Additional security methods were incorporated in which the patient’s data was not stored on end-user devices, but rather synced to a centralized application database. Additionally, the following features were implemented:

  • Code refactoring and performance optimization
  • The ability to register and input examination results for clients
  • Secure image swapping capabilities
  • Creation of an extension for occupational therapists.


All in one
REST, ORM Lite, JSON, ADNetworking, Android SDK, Android Studio, Android VM6, uCrop, Retrofit.5
Programming Languages and Framework
Objective-C, Java, Cocoa Touch, CoreData, ReactiveCocoa, Core Location


azh and SaM Solutions were able to make a secure mobile application that exceeded the requirements needed. The platform has gained popularity and was a successful commercial project.

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