SaaS Accounting Platform for Major German Financial Software Company Lexware

  • Industry Financial Technology
  • Solution SaaS, Custom Development


Needing additional support for their existing product lines and R&D for new projects, Lexware enlisted SaM Solutions’ development team to provide the technical expertise required for implementing leading-edge technologies into current and new products.

Lexware wanted to develop a new SaaS accounting platform for medium-sized organizations, small businesses, and self-employed individuals – which resulted in the creation of a joint research project by teams from SaM Solutions and Lexware. The joint project utilized an Agile methodology, and the desired SaaS product, named LexLive, required expertise across numerous languages, frameworks, and tools such as ASP.NET, Ajax, and different Web 2.0 technologies.

One of the key technical issues of the project was the development of a user-friendly, visually attractive GUI. Lexware had the objective of their new product, LexLive, being as functional and easy-to-use as a desktop application – leaning on SaM Solutions’ core competencies in these domains.

The other major challenge was developing a highly secure and reliable web-based environment where end-users could store sensitive financial, business, and personal details without fear of web attacks and data breaches.

Lexware GmbH, a German financial software company, is an industry-leading provider of consumer-ready financial solutions designed for SMBs, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. The company offers financial software platforms for managing taxes, payroll, HR, accounting, billing, and other business functions.
“We have chosen SaM Solution, because there we found the highest technical skills amongst all potential development partners. This factor is undoubtedly of decisive importance in case of such a complex development project as LexLive. The decision proved to be right. The cooperation has worked wonderfully and the results are just as we required.”

SaM Solutions


LexLive provides small and medium-sized organizations, freelancers, and self-employed workers with the ability to manage every aspect of their accounting needs from an easy-to-use web-based platform. The solution is an AJAX application and runs entirely on the web.

Users enjoy a quick and easy registration process, after which they can access LexLive from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, 24/7. Step-by-step wizards guide users along complex form fills and other functionalities, allowing users to efficiently and accurately perform advanced accounting processes.

Users have the ability to perform different functions such as quote generation, order management, invoice creation, list creation, and more. The platform has two user classifications: registered and unregistered/anonymous. Registered users are able to perform document saves (e.g. save an invoice or quote), as well as access a total overview of company finances and platform-generated financial recommendations.


The LexLive platform employs strict data security protocols and access control functions, ensuring the safety of sensitive user data.

Software Functionalities:

  • Invoice, quote, order, and credit note creation
  • Ability to create, save, and print financial documents
  • Custom-generated finance and business recommendations based on user data
  • Creation of auto-generated “to-do” lists to follow improvement recommendations
  • Customer management
  • Item management
  • Analysis and reporting of business-critical functions and finances
  • Data export for tax reporting
  • Fully integrated customer support features

Lexlive image


.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Additional Technologies
MS AJAX Extensions, MS Visual Studio
MS SQL Server
MS Windows Server
Bug Tracking & Version Control


SaM Solutions successfully designed, developed, and implemented a feature-rich, consumer-ready financial SaaS product for Lexware. The web-based platform offers an easy-to-use GUI, advanced end-user functionalities, and allows users to perform complex accounting functions with ease.

The LexLive platform is completely web-based, while still offering the familiar visual and functional appeal of a desktop application. Users are able to access, update, and review detailed financial information from any device with an internet connection. The project was developed using the Scrum methodology, allowing it to be completed within Lexware’s desired timeline and budget.

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