SAP CX-Based B2B Portal for a Major Metal and Mining Company

  • IndustryMetal & Mining
  • Solution SAP CX


The Mining company was looking to enhance customers’ experience by automating multiple steps that were traditionally done manually. Some of the functional requirements included:

  • Online order placement, fulfillment, and monitoring
  • Approval hierarchy automation
  • Creating a self-service customer portal
  • Online product availability check

Additionally, the Company was evaluating ways to create a robust Auction Sales solution to simplify the sales and asset liquidation process.

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A CIS based vertically integrated steel mining and manufacturing company with major assets in Eastern Europe as well as investments in other regions of the world. A Global 500 company in metal and mining industry.


The customer chose SAP Customer Experience Commerce platform (also known as SAP Hybris Commerce). SAP CIS was chosen by the customer to prime the contract partnering with SaM Solutions to help with the technical part of the implementation. The joint team was able to quickly assemble the needed project framework to address the functional requirements of both projects: SAP CX based eCommerce solution for selling goods and a custom-made auction module for the selling/liquidation of Company’s assets.

Online eCommerce experience covered the following functions:

  • Omni-channel functionality
  • Expanded search functionality
  • Order execution capabilities
  • Online payment processing
  • Quality assurance
  • Claim processing
  • Auction sales capabilities
  • Marketplace capabilities
  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP, SAP APO, SAP TM, and MES – level systems

Auction Sales module addressed the following requirements:

  • Quicker identification and posting of surplus assets
  • Complex configuration of products for sale
  • Expanding reach to a global audience
  • Auction transparency and compliance
  • Automated sales-related documentation
  • Advanced administration capabilities
  • Notification triggers
  • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Multi-language options
  • Multi-currency support

In Partnership with

SAP Digital Business Services have been helping companies within the CIS region to transform and optimize their business’ for more than 20 years. There is a wide range of custom projects covering an array of sizes, industries, and countries in the region. Companies rely on SAP due to their expertise in understanding the needs of the global market especially when managing companies within the CIS market.


Languages and Frameworks
Java 8, Spring 4 (Core, MVC, Integration, Security), HTML, CSS, JSP, SPARTACUS (Angular 8 based)
DataHub, REST, SOAP (Apache Axis 2)
Build & Automation
GitLab, Ant, Bamboo
Project Management and Architecture
Jira, Confluence, IntelliJ IDEA
Deploy Mode


The new platform exceeded the customer expectations. It streamlined the sales process, minimized back-office maintenance, and reduced overall process cost.

The implementation led to the long-term successful partnership between SaM Solutions and the Customer which continues today.

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