Monitoring and Scaling of AWS

Monitoring and Scaling Of AWS

Monitoring and scaling are critical aspects to consider for an organization looking to utilize AWS application services and other AWS infrastructure. With the enormous variety of services, tools, and applications offered on the AWS framework, monitoring helps ensure each organization only pays for the tools used for the amount of time they are utilized. With monitoring in place to adjust usage, an organization’s AWS investment is used efficiently as possible, scaling resources to provide an optimum level of performance for all applications on the cloud infrastructure.

When it comes to monitoring and scaling applications and infrastructure, AWS provides two major services, including both Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon’s Auto Scaling service.


AWS helps to maintain superior performance through Amazon CloudWatch. This monitoring and observability service provides organizations with the necessary data and actionable insights to monitor applications and infrastructure usage. CloudWatch responds to system-wide performance changes, provides optimized resource utilizations, and provides a unified view of operational health.

CloudWatch also helps to detect anomalous behavior in environments, set alarms, visualize logs, troubleshoot issues, and discover insights. CloudWatch provides a monitoring service that is easy to use across most of its basic functions and supplies visibility for all AWS monitoring data on one simple platform.

Amazon Auto Scaling Service

Amazon also provides an Auto Scaling service that monitors applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady and predictable performance at the lowest cost possible. Autoscaling provides a simple, powerful user interface that lets each individual organization build scaling plans for the many different resources provided through AWS.

With Autoscaling, organizations can set target utilization levels for multiple resources within a single interface. The service allows businesses to build scaling plans that automate how groups of different resources respond to changes, resulting in the optimization of both infrastructure availability and costs. Autoscaling also monitors applications to ensure that they are operating at the desired performance levels. With autoscaling services, AWS helps each organization ensure that it is paying only for the resources it needs by automatically removing any excess resource capacity.

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