AWS Mobile Services

AWS Mobile Services

It is vital for any modern organization to develop an accessible, intuitive mobile app. While clients and end users are able to access a traditional website from a mobile device, a true mobile app is nearly always much faster, easier to use, and more responsive, facilitating a more positive user experience. With this in mind, Amazon AWS has developed a full suite of mobile services and tools, all of which support app development for iOS, Android, React Native, and the web.

Within Amazon AWS itself, developers are able to build an app, as well as conduct testing, deploy the initial release and any updates, and engage in scaling according to the organization’s needs. AWS mobile hub also incorporates analytics, creating a comprehensive, well-rounded toolkit for app developers.

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AWS mobile hub comes with a number of advantages for developers, including but not limited to:

  • Speed. AWS proves a considerably faster way to develop mobile apps. Using the purpose-built tools and services available through the AWS mobile hub, both front-end and mobile developers will find it easier than ever to build apps supported by cloud functionality. This way, developers can move quicker to market.
  • Range. The AWS mobile hub is a one-to-one solution for developers, providing a wide range of services all in one place. Within the mobile hub, developers are able to develop, deliver, test, and monitor apps. It’s also possible to merge front-end tools with the expansive AWS services, thus supporting continued development as it becomes necessary.
  • Scalability. AWS allows substantial scalability without the need to navigate infrastructure setup. Both front-end web and mobile services and tools are assembled directly on top of AWS’ framework. Developers can take advantage of the reliable AWS infrastructure with its ability to facilitate growth on-demand.

The AWS mobile hub offers a variety of AWS application services to developers, including:

AWS Amplify

Using AWS Amplify, developers can easily provision and manage their mobile backend, giving users a straightforward framework for integrating backend with Android, iOS, Native React, and Web frontends. Additionally, Amplify is able to automate both front- and backend application releases.

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito makes it simple for developers to implement user sign-up, sign-in, and access control to both web and mobile apps. Using this service, developers are able to authenticate users by way of social media profiles, SAML solutions, or an organization’s proprietary identity system.

Amazon Pinpoint

Amazon Pinpoint provides app developers with a way to send targeted messages to customers via a collection of engagement channels. Developers may use Pinpoint to capture usage data by integrating the service into mobile and web apps, and gain valuable insight regarding user behaviors and interactions with the app.

AWS Device Farm

As an app testing service, AWS Device Farm allows developers to test and concurrently interact with their apps on numerous devices. The process allows developers to reproduce any issues on a device in real time, allowing mitigation before app deployment.

AWS AppSync

A serverless application backend, AWS AppSync simplifies the process of constructing data-driven web and mobile applications. AppSync securely handles data management tasks including data synchronization as well as online and offline data access.

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