Magento-Based eCommerce Website for PrintSafari

  • IndustryConsumer Goods, Retail
  • Solution Magento


With the importance of customer experience affecting eCommerce, proactively decided that they needed to update the eCommerce site with a focus on making the ordering process as easy, transparent, and convenient as possible. To create a high-quality website, they needed to address the performance as traffic increased. Because of the increasing types of printing options available, one challenge was to address the management of inventory. chose the Magento platform for the eCommerce platform. Now that they have a leading eCommerce solution, needed to partner with a team of experts that understand the potential of the Magento platform. chose SaM Solutions to develop the software.

PrintSafari is the prime source for high quality printing products suited for small and medium enterprises. The company was established in 2007. While working for a design and advertising agency, the founders rarely found the quality, speed and price of their own digital design being matched by the underlying offset printing material. Thus, they started the journey to become one of the best providers of high-quality printing services.


SaM Solutions was able to assemble a team of Magento experts. Because of the expertise level in understanding the Magento platform, SaM Solutions initiated an analysis of the current state of the website. They were able to quickly identify key functions in the legacy website that were lagging in performance. The team was also able to identify key opportunities to enhance the customer experience. Some of these recommendations included:

  • Creating a new desktop and mobile strategy to showcase an inviting website that is easy to use
  • Coding makeover to meet Magento coding standards
  • Site reorganization including menu tabs and product layout
  • Optimize system performance in speed and stability
  • Creating an automatic inventory management solution with the focus of adding medium sided orders with competitive pricing options
  • Streamlining Product Layout to make pricing adjustments easier. The goal is to continue to pass savings to the customer. Code refactoring and performance optimization

Live Magento Developed Solution:


Programming Languages
PHP, JavaScript
APC, PHPUnit, Xdebug, ZendDebug, phpDocumentor, PEAR/PECL


With the help of the SaM Solutions eCommerce Magento team, has successfully expanded the product lines without compromising performance. The Customer Experience increased significantly giving consumers the confidence to get the products they need in an organized environment that is easy, transparent, and convenient.

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