Internet of Things (IoT)

SaM Solutions understands the complex framework needed to interconnect almost any type of physical product through the Internet. IoT connected devices and machines can improve how we work and live from a smart home or factory to an entire smart city.

What We Do

IoT Cloud Platform

A core component of the IoT is a Cloud-based platform where making it is possible to collect and securely process large sets of data. As a result, this data can be used to perform actions and send various types of signals to IoT devices. SaM Solutions’ expertise working with IoT and custom private cloud solutions makes these projects run smoother.

Edge Computing

The latest trend in IoT is edge computing, which allows data produced by IoT devices to be processed locally without a need to connect to the Internet. SaM Solutions’ IoT experts explore best design and deployment practices to create superior IoT solutions.

Human Machine Interfaces & End-user Applications

To allow better understanding and analysis of your solution, SaM Solutions can help with custom development of P2M interfaces, control displays, touch panels, interactive user interfaces, and real-time dashboards.

Artificial Intelligence and ML

AI and Machine Learning are core components of an IoT solution enabling intelligent behavior of the system. Our experts partner with tech leaders like Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) to understand best practices as well as working with open source and custom-built solutions.

IoT Middleware

Connecting all devices and sensors together is one of the most complex parts of IoT, from creating web servers and services, infrastructure libraries, to integrating with external systems and devices.

Firmware for Smart Devices

Development of firmware for IoT devices, kernel porting, development and adjustment of modules and drivers for various peripheral hardware components has been our core expertise for many years.
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What You Get

Smart Home Design

Create custom solutions that can automate any home or business to enhance safety, comfort, reduce carbon footprint, minimize energy usage, and reduce costs. Some examples include smart lights, security, climate control, and access automation.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT (IIoT) has become a major area for accessing key data points within the industrial sector. Create custom solutions to gather key information from multiple sources - production equipment, sensors at facilities, inventory, and much more.

Сonnected Devices

Connect almost any device to the cloud or edge computing platform. Let SaM Solutions guide the process with proven development framework on processing chips, sensors, and actuators. Be able to create an entire network of IoT devices.

In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Software solutions that integrate in-vehicle infotainment devices to enhance comfort, information sharing, and entertainment while encouraging safe driving.

Biometric Security

Biometric identification technologies have advanced security and efficiency. SaM Solutions developers leverage their expertise to create leading mobile biometric systems, sensors fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, and more.

IoT in Retail

For retail, our team offers unlimited opportunities to increase supply chain efficiencies, develop new services and improve customer experiences across channels, from brick and mortar to eCommerce

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